Washington's Clean Energy Conference 
Presented by Washington State Department of Commerce & Northwest Environmental Business Council

Now in its sixth year, this conference is the State's signature clean energy event, bringing together members of the energy industry, energy policy & economic development leaders, project hosts, and users of energy services.


Included within this one conference are:

Policy & Economic Development
Looking at the current context for clean energy, and how Washington can continue on this path in the face of changing market dynamics.

The Business of Renewable Energy
Advancing the professional level of the industry with discussions related to energy technologies and project development. 

The Business of Energy Efficiency
Exploring how to increase the penetration of energy efficiency through policy, finance, and market mechanisms. 

Energy Technology Innovation
A look at the leading edge of clean energy technologies.


Comments From Past Attendees

“Great presentations, speakers and topics. A valuable discussion.”
“Well developed topics and agenda. Excellent timing for networking.”
“Well organized, well paced, good sessions, great location, great amenities.”

“All of the right people and companies (even across many disciplines) were represented.”
“Excellent synergy amongst the topics discussed, with lots of cross-connections.”
“Provided opportunity for networking with groups we would not normally approach.”
“Many things were perfect, ample time for networking, nicely paced sessions, clear tracks.”
“Inspirational, practical, and enjoyable. Very grateful.”
“Always the go-to conference in the Northwest!"

 Presented by:

NEBC stacked-150



Northwest Environmental Business Council is the regional trade association representing leading service and technology firms who are working to protect, restore, and sustain the natural and built environment. NEBC member companies and organizations cover a wide range of disciplines, providing solutions in the areas of:
   - Energy & Efficiency
Environmental Protection & Cleanup
   - Waste & Recycling
   - Water & Wastewater
   - Sustainable Development
   - Cross-Sector Solutions.
At NEBC “The Environment is Our Business.” www.nebc.org

 WA Dept of Commerce  

Washington State Department of Commerce is the lead state agency charged with enhancing and promoting sustainable community and economic vitality in Washington. The agency is home to the state energy office which coordinates the state's energy strategy, mapping the way to Washington's clean energy future by maintaining competitive energy prices, fostering a clean energy economy and jobs, and meeting obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions. Our work is to promote economic development as part of the transition to a cleaner energy system. For more information, visit www.commercewa.gov. To learn more about locating or expanding in Washington State, visit www.choosewashington.com.