Day Two – April 17
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Registration & Networking – Continental Breakfast


Session 5 – Concurrent Tracks 

Energy In Context


5A The New Dynamics of Natural Gas
With its rapid increase in supply, the impact of natural gas has shifted dramatically. Explore the dynamics of gas supply in Oregon, its role in supporting (and challenging) renewables, and its potential as a cleaner transportation fuel.

- Carl Fink, Blue Planet Energy Law LLC
- Ben Hemson, Northwest Gas Association
- Barbara Summers, NW Natural
- Jeff Van Horne, Navigant Consulting, Inc.

The Business of Renewable Energy

5B Understanding Power Markets
Selling the power from a renewables project is a critical aspect of project feasibility, but power markets are complex and continually evolving. Learn how markets are structured, how transactions take place, and what is needed for a successful outcome.

- Peter Blood, Natural Capital Partners, LLC 
- Brent Thompson, Constellation Energy
- Nicole Hughes, Element Power
- Kourtney Nelson, Iberdrola Renewables

The Business of Energy Efficiency

5C A Whole-Building Approach to Efficiency
Achieving maximum long-term savings from a building requires going beyond a measure-by-measure approach (e.g., lighting, controls, HVAC, etc.) and towards "deep retrofits" and practice changes. Discover how new insights can be achieved by looking at the building as an integrated system - one that also includes operations and maintenance, as well as the occupants.
- Alan Hickenbottom, Christenson Electric, Inc. 
- John Russell, Russell Development Company, Inc.                                               
- Nick Dreves, ICF International, Inc.
- Chris Smith, Energy 350

Energy Sector Focus

5D Storage Sector Update
Review recent developments within the energy storage sector, examining technology developments, timing to market, critical barriers, and business models.

- William Holmes, Stoel Rives LLP
- Shane Johnson, Demand Energy Networks
- Jeff Morris, Washington State Representative
- Ken Nichols, EQL Energy

Keynote Address:
   Carol Dillin, V.P. Customer Strategies & Business
   Development, Portland General Electric

Networking Break


Session 6 – Concurrent Tracks 

Energy In Context

6A The Role of Non-Utility Generation
Distributed generation and district heating/cooling are alternatives to centralized, utility-scale generating plants, and can offer benefits and diversity that counter the larger plants' efficiencies of scale. Explore the potential role of distributed energy, and the pros and cons of this approach.
- Jim Thornton, Ecology & Environment, Inc.
- Joe Barra, Portland General Electric
- Barnabas Path, Veolia Energy
- Josh Thomas, Lucid Energy

The Business of Renewable Energy

6B FIT Update
Oregon is in the midst of a pilot program testing a version of the feed-in tariff (FIT) concept that has been credited with stimulating the adoption of renewables in countries around the world. Hear how that program is working, and what we can learn from the experience of programs elsewhere.
- Mark Pengilly, Energize Oregon, LLC
- John Crider, Oregon Public Utility Commission
- Thomas Farringer, REC Solar, Inc.

The Business of Energy Efficiency

6C Measurement, Verification & Evaluation
The various third-party financing, ownership, and efficiency purchase models all require "bankable" measurement of the true savings realized from efficiency changes - which are typically made in the midst of complex operating environments. Review the challenges involved, and the current state-of-the-art approaches for solving them.

- SA Anders, Citizens' Utility Board of Oregon
- Christopher Frye, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
- Lauren Gage, Bonneville Power Administration
- Jenny Roehm, PECI

Energy Sector Focus

6D Biogas Fuels Sector Update
Production of bio-gas from food waste and manure has become a strong bio-energy sector in the Northwest. Processing bio-gas into compressed bio-methane has attractive economics and coincides with the growing interest in compressed natural gas for truck fueling. Learn how these developments are part of the drive towards lower-carbon fuels.

- Warren Shoemaker, Advancing Next-Gen Biofuels
- Dean Foor, ECOregon
- Matt Tracy, Metro
- Peter Weisberg, The Climate Trust

LUNCH & Keynote Address
   Bill Drummond, Administrator,
   Bonneville Power Administration


Session 7 – Concurrent Tracks 

Energy In Context

7A Workforce Development & Training
Green jobs are seen as the foundation of our clean energy economy, but where are those jobs today, and is our workforce ready? Explore the state of job growth and employment opportunities in the renewables and efficiency sectors, including skill set gaps and training opportunities.

-  Tim Miller, Clean Energy Works Oregon          
Gail Kiles Krumenauer, Oregon Employment Department
-  Vicki Lind, Career Counselor & Marketing Coach
-  Jake Pollack, University of Oregon, Portland

The Business of Renewable Energy

7B Deploying New Technologies
As with any technology, new renewable energy equipment carries with it higher risks than more mature technologies. Review the elements of due diligence and risk management; and how developers, investors, lenders, and support agencies can protect themselves while promoting innovation.

- Mark Kendall, Kendall Energy Consulting, LLC
- Susan Brodahl, Heffernan Insurance Brokers

- Cam Hamilton, Ameresco Quantum, Inc.
- Mark Kendall, Kendall Energy Consulting, LLCSpeakers- Susan Brodahl, Heffernan Insurance Brokers- Cam Hamilton, Ameresco Quantum, Inc.- Matt Mylet, One PacificCoast Bank 

The Business of Energy Efficiency

7C Efficiency in Manufacturing
Hear from industrial end users on how they managed to achieve significant energy savings in their operations, along with how they sold the ideas internally, and how the initiatives were paid for.
-  Jeremy Holland, HDR Engineering, Inc.
- Jorge Bazan, Intel Corporation
- KJ Konink, Hampton Lumber Mills
- Chris Scherer, Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Energy Sector Focus

7D Ocean Energy Sector Update
      (Presented by Oregon Wave Energy Trust)
Major strides have been made to enable the testing of energy technologies off the Oregon Coast. Learn about the Pacific Marine Energy Center, the technical challenges of capturing wave energy, and the potential of offshore wind development.
- Matthew Sanders, Oregon Wave Energy Trust
- Kevin Bannister, Principle Power
- Belinda Batten, Oregon State University
- Justin Klure, Pacific Energy Ventures